4 Tips For Arranging Flowers At Home

Flowers can make your home look fresh and beautiful. We all buy flowers for many occasions. Some people have a habit of keeping flowers at home throughout the years. Others buy them before a special dinner or a party for arranging tables or decorating their home. Whatever the reason may be, you must arrange your flowers properly so that they look good. Flower arrangement is an art and here are some tips that can help you.

Know about the types of flowers

In making a bouquet, you should use four types of flowers. The focal flowers should be considered first. These can be roses, sunflowers, dahlias, etc. that gives attention. Next comes the fillers. These can be Astrantia or Alchemilla that are used to fill in the gaps. You should then use line flowers like Astilbe to define the arrangement. Lastly, foliages like ferns should be used to add contrast.

Choose the vase carefully

You must place your flowers inside an appropriate vase. You should choose vases that have a narrow neck and gets wide at the bottom. These vases will help to support the flowers and the flowers will be placed in the right position.

Cut the flower properly

It’s better to use a knife instead of scissors to cut your flowers. You can cut the stems short so that the flowers are just seen on the rim of the vases. You can also make the stems long. In either case you should make sure that the stem reaches the bottom of the vase; otherwise, the flowers will fall off the vase.

Start from big to small

When arranging flowers, you should start with the big flowers first, and then work your way to the small ones. This way your flowers will be arranged in a systematic manner and it will give a nice shape to your bouquet.