Beyond the Flowers Choosing a Vase


Flowers are temporary, but what about the part of your gift that will outlast them? Long after the original flowers have wilted, your loved one will still have the vase that the flowers came in.

Vases can find a lasting place in their home holding flowers or other decorations, and as a continuing reminder of your thoughtful gift. The Awesome Blossom has a variety of beautiful glass vases and planters.

Our florists find the best vase to complement each design, but if you want to be especially thoughtful, consider how the vase that you send will fit into the decor of your loved one’s house. Where will they be able to put it, and how will it look holding new arrangements of their favorite flowers?

The rounded, glass vases you’ll find in many of our bouquets like Make a Wish and Arrive in Style are a classic shape that goes with many different flowers and will fit into almost any home.

We also offer a similar vase in a deep blue with our Beautiful in Blue bouquet. Although we send this filled with blue and white flowers, it would also look striking holding red roses, or bring out the brightness of yellow flowers.

We have other vases that add their own special flair to a home. The cubic vases we use for arrangements such as Sweet as Sugar and Uniquely Chic go especially well with modern decor. We also offer tinted cubic vases that can harmonize with the color schemes of different rooms.

If you expect your flowers to be displayed in a room with a modern, cool color scheme, consider the lavender-tinted cubic vase we use in Heart’s Delight. The orange cube that holds our Sunrise, Sunset bouquet would fit in as part of a warmer, fall color scheme.

For a different kind of old-fashioned decoration, or for more modern themes, you can’t beat the elegance of the silvery, mercury glass vases we use for our Queen’s Court and Always Yours bouquets.

But glass vases are only one way to present flowers. We also offer a number of arrangements in charming wicker baskets that can go on to become part of a house’s rustic decor. Consider how our Country Basket Blooms or Blooming Garden Basket would look among the other decorations in your loved one’s home.

Flowers make for a thoughtful gift, but by choosing the right vase to send the flowers in you can also give a longer-lasting reminder of your sentiment. Think of how you’ll feel to find out your vase still has a place in the recipient’s home long after the flowers have wilted.

If you need to send beautiful flowers and thoughtful vases anywhere in the Edmonton, Alberta area, let the experts at The Awesome Blossom handle it for you.

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