How to De-stress a Stressful Schedule in Farm Life


Sorry for the lack of post lately y’all! My life has been a whirlwind of nonstop activity for the past several weeks between work, studying, building my own business website, farm-related activities, and life in general. My schedule has been a bit too hectic and demanding to really take the time to create new recipes or DIY projects (SO sad. I LOVE to cook & craft more than anything) or about fitness, health, and beauty trends. For that, I do apologize to my followers.

My other priorities are just far too important at the moment, and that is okay! I have just enough energy at the end of the day to prepare a quick, healthy dinner, spend a little quality time with my family, and take a shower (sometimes…) Along with a busy schedule comes the stress in farm life. You are here, there, and everywhere between your body and your mind. I know that I am not the only one who juggles many tasks daily, most of y’all reading this are probably in the same boat.

So how do I deal with it all

I just love through it. Yes, you read that right. I love through every challenge, chore, and task in the farm life. What I mean is I am constantly enjoying what I am doing in the present moment. Being mindful during even the simplest of tasks, such as doing the work, has brought me so much peace and contentment with my life. Instead of thinking of how much I would rather be doing something else (like decorating our master bath).

I just think about how lucky I am to have work on the farm because that means I am blessed enough to provide nutritious foods for my family on the farm. Vacuuming? Why, yes I love it; because, I have a HOME filled with joy, love, and mountains of dog hair to vacuum. Studying? I am grateful to have the courage and dedication to pursue my dreams!  It seems corny, I know, but honestly, it works!

When you stop seeing the “To-Do” work as a burden and start seeing it as a blessing filled with opportunities, you will successfully de-stress your stressful schedule.

Oh, and wine helps too. Always wine

I anticipate this busy schedule lasting for the next several weeks throughout the holidays; again I apologize to my regular works! I will be working here and there still when I find a little extra time (like today) and they will be a holiday-related promise to my faimly!

Until next time

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