How to Look After Your Leather Bed in Home


You have just invested in a leather bed and it looks so great in your bedroom that you would like to make sure it remains just the way it is for many years in the home. Luckily, leather furniture is really easy to care for and a small amount of maintenance will assure it doesn’t dry up so it looks great for longer. Here are three easy tasks you will have to follow to make the most out of your investment.

1-Wipe it regularly

Both genuine and aniline leathers are given a thin protective surface during finishing, making minor stain removal really easy. The best practice, however, is to wipe stains away with a clean cloth and mild soapy water the second they occur to prevent them from seeping through the fabric.

Dried stains might take a bit more time to remove but you should be able to get rid of them completely with liquid hand soap and some gentle scraping. In order to keep the leather pores clean and dust-free, we recommended removing the accumulated particles of dust by simply rubbing the surface with a damp cloth.

2-Use the appropriate product

When it comes to leather furniture it is important to use the appropriate cleaning products in order to avoid damaging the material or affecting the overall look of your bed. If you have just bought your leather bed you can apply a specialist leather rejuvenator to the surface to prevent it from drying out and cracking over time. Throughout the year the recommended way to clean leather furniture is to simply use a light water-based cleaning solution with a neutral ph rating.

It is not advisable to use a dish or laundry detergent, as these cleaning agents will damage the protective finish of the leather or leave residues on the material. If you are willing to use an extra protector for your bed you should apply a product that is for leather furniture only and never try to moisturize the surface with oils or waxes since they will destroy the leather finish.

3-Never exposed to heat sources

The main problem with the leather is that this material is heat sensitive and tends to fade, tear or even crack when it is exposed to direct sunlight or placed too close to a heat source. You shouldn’t place your leather bed near a fireplace, heaters or any other heat sources.

If you don’t have any choice other than placing your leather bed below a bright window, make sure you use leather moisturizer and specialist leather cleaner once a week to prevent the finish from fading over time.

Looking after leather furniture is easy and if you follow those three simple cleaning tips you can rest assured that your leather bed and your other furniture made from leather will look great and last a long time.

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