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Less than a year ago I was working 8 – 10 hours per on my full-time job and 4 hours at my part-time.  Then last November, my 14-year-old son came across a website while surfing the net.  He has been hearing me talk about wanting to start my own business for years, and I have always raised him with that same ambition.  Every New Year’s Eve I made a resolution that “This will be the year I start my own business.”  But starting a business takes capital – or so I thought.

Well, on that November day, with New Year’s Eva approaching, I decided to take a close look at Sam Rodman’s online course, “How to Start Your Own Office Cleaning Business.” My part-time job was cleaning offices and industrial complexes at night, so I knew I could likely do this business, I just needed some direction.

With my son’s encouragement (I am so proud and thankful), I downloaded the “How to Start Your Own Office Cleaning Business” course. I think I paid about $39 for the course, and I will tell you why I call this the best $39 that I ever spent.  Sam built his cleaning businesses from the ground up, so he knows all the steps and all the pitfalls.

He teaches you to step by step and builds your confidence by giving you all the information that you need to be successful.  Once I started reading the material, the lights were going on in my head, and I was inspired to mix some of my own ideas with the material Sam had provided.  With Sam’s roadmap, it was very simple to not only start my business but to grow it as well.

There are some traits that are required to start and operate your own business, and only can determine if you are cut out to be your own boss. You must have:

  1. Self-discipline – no one is going to be watching over you, you have to know when to get to work and when to shut it down. You can’t make excuses for or for yourself. You must be responsible.
  2. Thick Skin – If you find it hard to pick up the phone or visit someone because you are afraid of rejection, then being self-employed in your own business may not be for you. You will need to make some interactions and some people will tell you “No.”
  3. Confidence – You must have confidence in your ability to perform and you must display confidence so people feel comfortable around you and trust you.
  4. Work Ethic – If you are lazy, forget being self-employed. Self-employment and having your own business is not for you if you are the type to shut it down at 5 pm or when the boss isn’t looking.
  5. Trustworthy – You must be trustworthy. If you say you are going to be somewhere or do something, it has to happen and it has to happen on time. Again, you must be responsible and trustworthy.

If you have the qualities listed above, and you think you have an interest in starting your own business, I can tell you that the office cleaning business is a good one, when you do it right.  Commercial office cleaning is all about starting, establishing a reputation, hiring the right people, and scaling up.  Of course, there are all the fundamental issues that Sam covers in detail, like:

  1. insurance
  2. record-keeping
  3. reporting required
  4. employment laws
  5. hiring
  6. assignments
  7. getting new business
  8. how to determine how much to charge
  9. expanding the business
  10. what supplies to buy
  11. what supplies to rent
  12. where to buy products and supplies
  13. how to buy wholesale
  14. maintaining supplies
  15. what not to do, or else

And so much more is covered in the course.

When you finish the “How to Start Your Own Office Cleaning Business” course, you will have the skills to start your business, attract new customers and begin to grow your business in a very short period of time.

And now, I know just how rich I was making my old boss. He was paying me $12 dollars an hour (which isn’t bad), but he was collecting thousands of dollars every month, and I seldom saw him.  So I knew there was a lot of potentials if I did this on my own.

Well, in February, I gave notice to my part-time employer, and in May, I gave notice to my full-time employer.  Right now I am on track to exceed my full and part-time income, and I am really feeling like I have just begun.

Because Sam’s course makes everything so neat and fundamental, it is really easy to expand the business, because it is built on a solid foundation. That is probably the single biggest thing that I got from the course. I started with a solid foundation and now growing the business and making a lot of money is getting easier and easier.

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