Stay Away for Your House Garden Pests


Every year gardeners anticipate spring with lusty fervor. The long, bleak winter months are over and it’s finally time to plant. After the dreariness of cold weather and lack of warm sunlight, the anticipation of planting crops, watching them grow and then bear fruit, is the height of every back yard gardener’s spring. You should stay away from these garden pests.

With the right plants, soil enhancements, weather, and luck, nothing stands in the way of a summer’s worth of delicious, bountiful fruits and vegetables. Nothing that is except those troublesome garden pests! Thankfully, if you catch infestations in time and properly treat them, your garden can be saved. But you have to know what to look for and what to do once you find you are infested.

Aphids are one of the most common pests in the garden. They are very small and found in clusters on the underside of a plant’s leaves. Although a small infestation is not harmful they can quickly multiply, leaving a sticky substance behind as they feed. Leaves will turn yellow and curl while plant growth stunts and declines.

A strong blast of water can break up a small infestation of aphids, or you can pinch off infected leaves. Ladybugs are natural predators of the pests and can be purchased and released onto plants.

Cutworms are a larvae garden pest that can destroy up to 75% of plants overnight. The larvae feed at night by chewing off tender shoots and newly planted vegetables. You can prevent their destruction by clearing the ground of all weeds and the previous plant remains before planting a new crop. To rid your garden of the pests pull them off plants at night. You can also protect new plants by placing toilet paper tubes around the stems.

Slugs and Snails can be the most troublesome pests in your garden. Leaving a trail of slime behind them, you can easily identify snails as the culprits ruining your vegetables and fruits. Snails mostly feed during the night and munch huge holes in leaves and eat young seedlings. To rid your garden you can pick them off by hand, or bury cans of beer in the ground. Snails are attracted to the yeast and will fall into the cans and drown.

Garden pests can take the best-laid plans and turn them into a nightmare of ruined plants and rotten fruit. With a little bit of extra work, you can easily rid your garden of all of them. On our site, you will find many informative articles to answer all your questions about the different types of garden pests out there and help you make your garden more beautiful and pest free.

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