The Best Bonsai Tree Care for Any Plant in Your Garden


Without making plants healthy and happy one cannot dream of having a good garden without knowing basic bonsai tree care like a healthy mother can deliver a healthy baby the same way good soil also generates healthy plants. Let us firstly accept that plants are also alive, they need water, food. sunlight and air to grow. There can be some plants that do not require a lot of care, but some plants require high-level care.

Most of the time people overlook and neglect the root system of plants. This is the part of plants that needs extra care as all food and water are absorbed through roots. As the food minerals and vitamins are consumed near the root the root tends to go deeper for food and water.

Use the slowly absorbed granular fertilizer so that the regular food is ensured to the plants. Maintain a reasonable gap between two plants; the gap depends upon the variety of plants used. A rose plant needs at least a distance of one foot from each other but some plants, like the juniper bonsai tree, need only a gap of six inches.

The soil has to be completely fertile one can use a balanced amount of fertilizers and pesticides but too much or too little both can be dangerous for the plants. The best fertilizer is the organic one, like plant waste or food waste, which can be dumped somewhere near the garden and used slowly after the waste is completely fermented.

The stem is another part of a plant which requires regular checks because the stem supplies food and water to branches and leaves. A reasonable amount of sunshine is also needed to maintain the natural photosynthesis of plants. Leaves should be pruned regularly as normally the leaves which lose their color naturally fall down, remember these leaves are a source of manure.

Flowers that act as the reproductive systems of the plants, healthier the flower healthier is the fruit and one can store good quality seeds for the future. Finally, regular watering of the plant is a must it depends on the type of climate where these plants are grown. Drier climate requires more water as compared to a humid climate.

For growing plants in the garden always use good quality seed, otherwise one may not get a healthy plant. Finally, let us remember that plants also require love and care like we all humans do. The more you love your plants more beautiful garden you will get

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