The Best Kitchen Stripes in the Home


I’ve been sprucing up our kitchen from the moment we moved in home.  We started by purchasing Ballard’s pendant light adapters for the can light and we removed some of the doors on the ugly laminate cabinets and painted the insides pale blue.

I added curtains for some color.   I’ve always wanted to put something in the big space above the stove.  It just seemed like a big blank spot.  Our oven/stove is a million years old and not attractive, but it works really well, so I’m not complaining (too much, anyway).

I had always thought about a platter, but there was no way to secure it.  I thought about hanging plates, but there was no way to hang them because it’s all laminate behind the stove.

Well, a few weeks ago I was reading a post by Holly Mathis and I got the idea to use the wooden cutting boards we had just purchased at Ikea.  I already had the little glass canisters It looked nice enough.

Then I went to Ikea (by myself…it was great) a couple of weeks ago and I saw this large striped tray.  I have a lot of blue and white in the kitchen, and I thought the tray was great.  I passed it by because I liked it, but I didn’t know if we really needed it.  Then I as I was on my way to the checkout, I went into the “As Is” section.

I always stop in the “As Is” section.  We’ve made several purchases (some big furniture purchases) from this section, and the deals are amazing (and some of it is just fine…we’ve bought furniture that’s still new in the box from here).

Anyway…they had 3 of these trays for $4 each!  I can’t remember the original price, but $4 worked for me, even if I didn’t think we really needed it.  I got home, and in 5 minutes I knew what to do with that tray!  I put it behind the cutting boards and loved it!  And when Ryan got home, he noticed it and like it too!  Shocker!

I usually don’t have enough patience to wait for just the right thing, and this time it paid off.  I think our Ikea purchases look pretty great, and it filled this empty space perfectly!

And speaking of stripes…I was drying some clothes over some chairs not too long ago and noticed a reoccurring theme in our clothes right now…

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