The Best Tips for Flower Agriculture Gardening


Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, and so are you.” This poem has been familiar for many years. This has been used for most gentlemen in their courtship and was every woman jiggle the flower symbolizes different characteristics of a person. “Roses are red” which means Love; “Violet is blue” means always be true. The man pronounced his love that is always true and sweet to the woman he loved.

Flowers and Humans

Flowers are different
And so are the humans.

Humans are beautiful
And so as the flowers

Flowers are like humans
So emotional yet so strong

Humans are like flowers
So soft yet so hard

Flowers and Human work well
For they are the same

Human and Flowers get along
For the symbolic of the trinity

I have made this poem, I don’t know if it’s good or a disaster, I just want to let people know that been with different flowers makes me feel good in agriculture. When I’m blue the Crocus helps me to cheer up. And when I’m with you I have the Daffodil. I have this notion that every man must have different flowers in their garden. This is not only for the better of ourselves but also to beautify our surroundings.

I have here some Flower agriculture Gardening Tips that would be a help.

A Sunny Spot is best – pick a spot that is in full direct sun. It should be sunny all day long or for at least half the day including noontime.

Flat Ground is Easy to Agriculture Garden

Flat ground is best because it is the easiest to work on. A slight slope will do fine, too, although the steeper it is the more difficult it is to garden on.

Remove Grass, Sod or Weeds First

First, remove any existing grass or weeds including the roots. The more thoroughly you do this chore now, the better your results will be later.

Amend Soil: Add Organic Matter

Next, loosen the soil and mix organic matter into it. Organic matter is a catchall term for decomposed materials such as compost, old rotten leaves, well-aged stable manure/bedding, spent mushroom soil, or whatever materials you have available locally at reasonable cost

Flower Garden Style

Think about how you want your flower garden to look. Do you like a formal or informal style? What color(s) do you like? What mood? What kind of backdrop will it have?

Selecting Flowers to Grow

What should I plant?

This is the big question and every gardener will have their own personal answer to it, depending on the growing conditions where the garden is and other practical considerations, plus the style of garden, and of course based on personal taste.

Have Fun

I love growing flowers and flower gardening. It is so much fun, it can even become addictive. It’s even good exercise. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
P.S: You can also expand your garden if you want to. Use the love of flowers as your business. It would really be fun.

Happy agriculture Gardening

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