The Best Tips for Setting Up Your Home Buy


No-one ever pretends that setting up a successful buy home is easy. On the contrary, if you don’t live in one of the more sought after locations, it can be a challenge. But a challenge is not the impossibility, quite the opposite; a challenge if viewed positively can be enormous fun!

There are a few points to remember which will often make the task a great deal easier:

Use your favorite word processing program to carefully set up a generic email that you can copy and paste into the text box provided in the programmed contact form. This will allow you to send out multiple home buy inquiries with very little effort on your part.

Every city/town/neighborhood has its attractions. Make sure you include all the positive features of yours. If your list is small, take a trip to your visitor’s bureau and ask for brochures, pamphlets, etc. If there is no visitor’s bureau, drop in on a local motel or hotel, all of them have a display in their lobby containing all sorts of local promotions.

Don’t limit your contacts to members who list your corner of the world as their desired home swap destination. Pay more attention to age group and family size compatibility and send your attractively worded contact email to everyone living in the area you are hoping to visit. Members may have never thought of vacationing in your town, but that doesn’t mean they won’t consider it.

Pay particular attention to members who list their home buy destination as “open to offers”. You will need to sort the listings under that criteria when you are searching for “who wants to come to me?” otherwise you will miss them, but they are the true gems among your home swapping opportunities.

Very often they are long-standing, experienced home exchangers who have exhausted their lists of preferred destinations. Now they are simply waiting to see what new offer piques their interest and if you take the trouble to send out attractive, well thought out opening contacts, it could be yours!

You will make your home swap offer much more attractive if you include the family car as part of the deal. Car rental prices are becoming increasingly expensive by the month, inflated not only by the rental companies but also by a list of petty taxes and surcharges that are completely beyond their control.

For your own peace of mind, always stipulate that all drivers have to be 25+ and don’t be afraid to regulate the number of miles the car can be driven. Also, check with your insurance company although there are seldom problems provided the buy is for 30 days or less.

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