The Home-buyers Should Think About Bed Bugs Pests


Dealing with a pest infestation can be frustrating and bothersome to a homeowner. One must consider the costs, time and health issues that may result. Bed bugs have seen a rapid increase of infestations worldwide, particularly in highly populated areas. Homebuyers are particularly concerned with the infestation, while homeowners must take precautions to reduce the risk of infestation.

Bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye. They are tiny, flat and have a brownish-red appearance. They feed on the blood of mammals and come out during the evening hours. Most sleeping humans are unaware of being bitten until a red bump or rash appears on their skin at a later time.

Homebuyers should take precautions to ensure their prospective new home is not infested. The property disclosure statement may provide valuable information about any knowledge or history known to the homeowner. Asking the owner directly is appropriate, though, may prove uncomfortable.

Some homeowners are reluctant to discuss past or present pest problems, making it wise for homebuyers to learn to recognize the signs of infestation on their own. Bed bug feces look like small rust-colored spots and may be found in room corners. Young bed bugs shed an outer shell as they grow older. Shell casings are usually found under beds and behind furniture within the bedroom.

Choosing a home inspector who is familiar with the signs of bed bug infestation can be very helpful to any prospective homebuyer. Some home inspection companies specialize in the detection of common household pests, making them a wise investment for any homebuyer. Their knowledge will save a homebuyer the expenditure of time, energy and resources.

If a homebuyer or their inspector becomes aware of bed bugs, the homebuyer has few options. Many buyers choose not to buy the home. Other buyers opt for professional pest extermination. Attempting eradication on one’s own can involve poisonous chemicals and often requires repeated treatments as new bugs hatch and new eggs are laid. For these reasons, the services of a professional are recommended for safe and permanent extermination.

Homebuyers who take the time to recognize and address the issues of possible bed bug infestation before buying a home save themselves from much frustration, confusion, and trouble. Asking the right questions, knowing the signs of infestation and how best to deal with them will make one’s home buying experience an exciting and pleasurable time. The bed bugs are really very bad pests for our health.

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