The Unique Orchid and Special With Awesome Blossom Thank You Flowers


Sometimes you want to make a different impression. Some flower arrangements stand out like explosions of color, but other arrangements stand out quietly with unique shapes and soft tones of green and white.

If you want to make this kind of statement, you need flowers and florists that go beyond the ordinary. The flowers you’re looking for might just be orchids. If you’re in the Edmonton area, the expert florists you’re looking for are at the Awesome Blossom.

To mix things up and send someone a bouquet they won’t forget, try one of our classy, artistic arrangements of pale orchids. Instead of bold colors, these creations make their impression with intriguing shapes, unique arrangements, and the interplay of light and dark shades.

First, take a look at the asymmetric elegance of Moon dance, a captivating arrangement of rubidium orchids, white hydrangeas, and white calla lilies. The tall glass vase and leaning lilies give this arrangement a unique crescent moon shape.

There are special gifts of thanks that seem to come with every season of the year. During the winter, the holidays bring parties and celebrations, presents, and gestures of kindness from neighbors, family, coworkers and friends.

The spring brings garden parties and birthday wishes. And during the summer, we may find ourselves showered with graduation presents, mementos for teachers and professors, wedding gifts and planning assistance, not mention invitations to barbecues and lake weekends.

And of course, during every season, we’re surrounded by loved ones and well-wishers who are there to lend a hand when we need one. Have you been touched recently by a thoughtful act? Has a friend stepped in for last minute childcare or pet sitting?

Have you been sheltered during a rough patch or encouraged while facing a difficult challenge? For every one of these kind gestures, there’s a graceful way to say thank you…with flowers!

Order Thank You Flowers With a Splash of Color

“Thank you” is a word spoken in every language, and every expression of gratitude comes with a unique style and tone. A dignified, professional gesture for a client or colleague may differ from an exuberant hug for a close friend. Here at The Awesome Blossom, the best Edmonton flower shop, we offer beautiful and appropriate thank you gifts for every occasion.

Need a thank you bouquet for a child, an elderly relative or kind neighbor? Why not order thank you flowers for your mother-in-law on your wife’s birthday? Or a beautiful arrangement of thank you flowers for your parents after your latest and greatest professional accomplishment?

Nothing we gain in this world is gained alone. Everywhere we look, we’re surrounded by help, guidance, advice, and love. Take a moment and give something back to those who have supported you on life’s journey. Send a beautiful flower arrangement today!

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