The Importance of Pest Control to Food Safety


Choosing what to eat and where to eat become critical now after my terrible dine-in experience in one of my favorite restaurants. Two rats are roamed under the tables then went to the kitchen area. 

How can I forget that? I even got goosebumps when I saw that horrible incident. Whenever I eat outside and remember that, I really lose my appetite. 

Sometimes, I want to file a complaint to the food authority or post a picture on all social media platforms to vent out the worst feeling I had until now.

I am thinking about how the restaurant owner or store manager happens to manage their pest problem for the safety of the food items they prepare and produce. 

One of the important things which contribute to the quality of life nowadays is exceptional Pest Control.

 Pest Control Vital to Food Safety 

Pests should not be present in any food production areas, whether in restaurants, cafes and commissary, food processing plant, or factory. 

Any business or food establishments are at stake when no proper pest control practices take place.  

Keeping the business area premises clean and tidy is not enough to prevent pests like cockroaches, flies, and rodents. 

As we all know, the smells of food ingredients in the food preparation area attract those pests and they are ready to touch or steal the food products whenever they get a chance. 

Many serious health problems can be brought to customers by different pests (mostly rats, cockroaches and flies are commonly visible in food establishments) through the plausible transmission of diseases. 

Food can be easily contaminated and many bacteria or viruses would cause deadly diseases to humans.  

In the news from ABC, A customer and her husband will never recover from the Salmonella poisoning from a cronut at a well-known café last 2017. 

She had an infection and got hospitalized for 10 days, with symptoms of disability and severe fatigue. 

She said she doesn’t feel safe going out and indulge a social life like they used to because she is scared of getting sick again.

Another impact of the pest problem on business is its reputation.  Several customers will not anymore avail their products or will not try to go there if the bad news about the food establishment spread especially on social media and reach a lot of people. 

Businesses like the café mentioned earlier after the incident will surely be inspected and be penalized for that serious complaint, or worst advised to shut down once proven guilty of negligence in following food safety standards.  

How can you ever regain your business name and reputation, and the huge amount of money you lost due to damages caused by those pests on your stocks? 


Safe Pest Control as a reliable Business Partner

As a business owner of any food establishments, you have a big responsibility in keeping your commercial premises and products safe to your customers and also your employees at all times. 

Choosing a reliable pest control company that will help and guide you and your business is the first and the most right thing to do before the start of the store operation.

Do not mesmerize to cheaper pest control companies with only promising sales talk for treatment packages; you might end up getting back-jobs.

A lot of substandard pest control companies spread all over Sydney say one thing-they will make your business premises pest-free, but mean another thing-they only give you headaches and stress resulting in higher costs incurred in the end. 

Fortunately, in Sydney, there are pest control Experts (with 19 years of experience in controlling pests) doing on-site inspections, pest termination, and fumigation using a three-pronged plan of approach and provides clients pest analytics report, with complete information and analysis of your pest problems your commercial premises might have.

These highly-skilled and at the same time friendly experts come only from a reliable pest control company with a heart for business and customers’ safety, that is SafePestControl! 

Whether it is a school, restaurant, café, bar, retail outlet, or food-processing plant, commercial pest control is made easy with SafePestControl. We are happy to serve you and be your long-term partner. Call now at 1300 119 085 for immediate inquiry and booking. Let us be partners and let us make your business safe!

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