Tight Budget Beautiful Wedding in the Farm House


When my husband asked me to marry him 2 years ago, I was beyond thrilled. Not only am I madly in love with the kindest soul that has ever walked this Earth and he picked me, but I love everything about weddings 0n the farm.

I was that girl that would look at wedding inspiration on Interest before I was engaged. But never pinned fearing I would jinx myself! I love the gorgeous wedding gowns, the chic decorations, the romance, love, and laughter that flow so effortlessly between two soul mates.

I was; however, not thrilled about the money I didn’t have to spend on my dream wedding on the farm. Did you know the average wedding costs $30,000?!? What the crap!? I didn’t have mommy or daddy to rely on to give me their checkbook and credit card to grant my every wish. Nope.

I was completely on my own in that department and my in-laws were kind enough to help us with a few expensive things (the hall and caterer). Other than that, I was a 24 year old with bills out of my ears, a mediocre paying job, and small savings.

Quite a challenge

Challenge accepted

I was determined to have the wedding of my dreams even with a tight budget on the farm. I wanted the farm, I wanted the dress, and I wanted the grand reception on the farm. I worked my ass off picking up extra shifts serving tables, working overtime, and my fiancé and I saved up every penny we could toward our wedding. He was so supportive of all this. I just adore him!

In this “Tight Budget, Beautiful Wedding” series, I am going to share with you all my secrets and tips on how I was able to have the wedding of my dreams with 300+ guest and still kept it under 10,000 (including the dress, venue, reception decor, catering, alcohol, etc..)

Get ready to save big savvy brides!! Up first

Tradition 1: Wedding programs on the farm

Ditch the programs. Save yourself a ton of money (and trees!) by making a program sign out of large picture frames and chalk paint. I hung up my “program” at the very beginning of the farmhouse so that the guest may read it and snap a photo before they take their seats.

Tradition 2: Reception gifts

Honestly, how many times have you been to a wedding a lost you’re cozied somewhere on the dance floor or in the bathroom because you can’t remember where you put your beer?

You are already feeding your guests and providing them with enough booze to drink them into a 2-day hangover.

Those mints are disgusting, save your money for a better meal choice.

Tradition 3: Open bar

My husband and I purchased, personally, through a vendor a large supply of 3 different types of popular beer (Bud Light, Budweiser, and Coors Light) to serve our guest.

We also purchased a few cases of wine from a local grocery store and they gave us a discount for ordering them in bulk. We had 2 different kinds (Chardonnay & Cabernet).

No liquor. Too expensive and it makes people act crazy.

Tradition 4: Fancy menu

We chose to do a menu that was not only cheaper than steak and lobster tail but pretty damn delicious too!

A simpler menu can be just as yummy and appropriate. Try finger foods like sliders, chicken wings or pizza!

Our menu: Chili, country chicken, cornbread, mac and cheese, and a mixed greens salad.

Tradition 5: Wedding cake

Save yourself hundreds of dollars and tons of leftover sheet cake by doing something a little different

We had one small cake for us to cut and then different flavored cupcakes that only cost us 1$ per cupcake. Your guest will love the variety and the user-friendly cupcake wrapper!

Other choices: bake your own cookies & treats ahead of time and freeze them. Bring them out 2 days before the wedding and they are just as fresh and no one will notice the difference.

Tradition 6: The Latest Dress

We all want the wedding dress fresh off the runway, but did you know that most sample size dresses that are discontinued are sold for 50-75% off!?

Check out the sales rack or ask an associate to bring you pieces that are discontinued or damaged. Odds are you can talk them down quite a bit!

Never settle for the first price. Negotiate with a smile!

I purchased a stunning discontinued sample size gown (Maggie Stereo) that was priced at 900$ and got it knocked down to 300$. Hula!

Tradition 7: The Formal Dinner Rehearsal

Chose a cheaper restaurant You are already throwing down major cash for a caterer and booze tomorrow. Your bridal party will not mind if they are not served shrimp scampi.

Do it yourself! We held our dinner at my in-laws. We ordered some pizza, made a salad, and provided everyone with a few different beverage choices. Then we played pool and darts all night.

Tradition 8: Pricey invitations

There is no need to go to a print shop and have exquisite invitations custom made. You are going to spend MAJOR $$

Check out the internet for free templates or Etsy.com for different custom style listing you can purchase off a vendor and then print at home on your own computer.

I purchased my invites from a vendor on Betsy, who customized the template as desired, and then I printed it at home on thick paper the purchased package included: the invitation a response card and reception directions all for 30$.

Keep an eye out for more Tight Budget, Beautiful Wedding. Expect lots of decor projects and other fun ideas on how you can save a ton, including your honeymoon options!

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